The Rotary Club of West Orange


President:  Jeffrey Dunst
President Elect: Robbi Hershon, PHF
Vice President:  Cynthia Hadley-Bailey, PHF
Secretary:  Cheryl L. Crawford
Treasurer:  Rich Cimo, PHF
Past President:  John F. Wise, PHF

Board of Directors

Christos A. Alevras, PP, PHF
Jacqueline Limehouse
Peter Ricci, PP, PHF 

2017 -2018
Joseph A. Vena, PP, PHF
Harvey Montague
Dr. Karien Ziegler, PDG, PHF



Msgr. Rev. Michael Kelly, PHF


President’s Advisor

Jerry Tarnoff, PP, PHF

Active Member List

2013 – 2014

Alevras, Christos K.   –    Insurance/Financial Services

Bailey, Cynthia Hadley   –    Police Detective – retired

Brill, Megan E   –    Pest Control

Cappiello, Dr. Dorie A.   –    Veterinarian

Cimo, Richard   –    Banker – Commercial

Cohrs, Christopher G.H.   –    CPA – retired

Degnan, Peter J.   –    Real Estate – Commercial

Drill, David E.   –    Construction – Commercial

Dunst, Jeffrey   –    Insurance/Long Term Care

Ench, Frank J.   –    Roofing Contractor

Enginger, Edward   –    Commercial Banking – VP

Garthe, Raymond W.   –    Insurance

Ghebremicael, Tekeste   –    Investor/Real Estate/Broker

Gibson, Thomas   –    Banking – retired

Gibbons, Kenneth   –    CPA – Accounting

Hansen, Emil   –    Carpentry – retired

Harris, Gladys   –    Home Care Administrator

Hershon, Robbi   –    Audiologist

Horn, W. Donald   –    Restaurateur

Horn, Peter F.   –    Restaurateur

Huber, Dr. James   –    Dentist

Jenkins, W. Fred, Jr. ***   –    Diversity Consultant

Johnson, William   –    Banking – Commercial

Karu, Michael H.   –    CPA/Litigation Support

Kelly, Michael E., Rev. Msgr.   –    Catholic Priest

Lichtenstein, Dr. Gerald   –    Education Administration

Mitola, George A. Sr. ***   –    Meat Retailer

Nadelberg, Dr. William B.   –    Chiropractor

O’Hara, Edward   –    Electrical Contractor

Panico, Amelia   –    Professional Photographer

Ricci, Peter T.   –    Architect

Saul, Matthew J.   –    Financial Advisor

Schlesinger, Brian R.   –    Data Salesperson

Scholl, Mary G.   –    Insurance – property and casualty

Smith, James D., Sr.   –    Banking – President

Stolz, Richard   –    Retail Baker

Tarnoff, Jerry P.   –    Superintendent of Schools – retired

Vena, Joseph A.   –    Lawyer – Land Use

Washco, Christopher J.   –    Banking – Financial

Wise, John F.   –    Attorney – Bancruptcy

Ziegler, Dr. Karien   –    Clinical Psychologist

*** deceased 2012-2013